Teetotally Awesome Podcast, "Meditation is Teetotally Awesome," produced by Sober Soaps

Welcome to Teetotally Awesome!

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Welcome to Teetotally Awesome! (presented by Sober Soaps)

Teetotally (derived from the word Teetotaler: one whom abstains from alcohol) is a word I use to describe awesome things that are alcohol free.  Whether it be an inspiring teetotal person, activity, product or place, we hope to show you all the awesomeness in the recovery world. So sit back and relax as we talk all things Teetotally Awesome.

In this episode, we discuss:

The Power of Meditation 2:47

We don’t have to hit rock bottom to stop drinking 10:20

Being a Sober Ally 15:15

Compulsive behavior 17:07



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