hiking is like sobriety

Hiking Is Exactly Like Sobriety

We didn't plan so well on our hike to Hetch-Hetchy.  We were a group of eight- the grandparents, my husband and I, an eight year old, a five year old, a six-month old, and a dog. About half way into the hike, we got to a point where some people needed to head back to the car a mile back over uneven terrain, others wanted to keep walking for another 30 minutes, and I couldn't do either because I needed to breastfeed my 6 month-old.  So off everyone went and I sat on a rock with my little guy looking at this gorgeous view. Of course, I worried how everyone was going to find each other if there was an emergency (did I mention that there was no cell service and only one bottle of water?)  Luckily we all found each other by the end of the hike. Everyone partnered up (they must have been thinking what I had been thinking), and we celebrated meeting up with hugs, high fives, and lots of water.⁣

I feel like sobriety is like this too. Each day we wake up, we might not know what the plan is, but somehow we manage to choose a path to maintain our sobriety. We meet amazing people along the way that we can call on in case of an emergency.  And when it's time to celebrate milestones (daily, monthly or yearly) we are each other's biggest supporters.  

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