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Three Reasons Why Journaling is Important in Recovery

One of the biggest contenders we have to deal with in recovery is the noise (or soap opera) our brain creates. Now that we no longer silence that noise with our habit/drug of choice, we need strategies to quiet the mind.  For me, journaling is the most important tool I have to sift through the drama my brain creates.

Journaling in Recovery allows me to... 

  • Manage Anxiety/ Reduces Stress- Journaling provides an outlet to get any feeling or frustrations off your chest and onto paper. You’ll find that journaling during this period of time is a stress-relieving process that you’ll likely look forward to as your recovery progresses.


  • Monitors the Brain’s Soap Opera- Journaling helps you identify negative self-talk and root causes. It provides you an opportunity for positive self-talk and analysis if the ‘Soap Opera” is true.


  • Accountability -Journaling can help you track and monitor your progress in achieving goals or any other challenge. Writing down your progress and successes can help you to stay motivated and stay on track to achieving your goals. In recovery, tracking symptoms helps you recognize triggers and help you prioritize problems and concerns.


Remember, there is no right or wrong way to journal. Change the color of your pen or pencil, write in full or half-sentences, skip pages, draw pictures and write sideways. As long as you’re honest with yourself, you shouldn’t let any other rules define what you write and how.

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